Principal's Message

Mrs. Hemali Singh


From Principal's Desk

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be ignited"

Education is about Academic Excellence,  exposed to Diversity and learn culturalawareness.
 We at Holy Hearts School help our children to explore their potential & also empower them to achieve their personal and social goals.

" Go , forth to serve " is the motto of our school , with this view in mind we march to fulfill our dreams, our mission. We provide a place where our children are nurtured spiritually , psychologically & intellectually.

 Apart from books, we take efforts to develop their skills, abilities & beliefs that are essential for a productive, successful, healthy & a happy life. 

The DNA of our school is patriotism. We undertake the responsibility of training the students to become disciplined citizens of their motherland, developing love and harmony towards their countrymen, and upholding the noble values & virtue of life.

The progress of any institution depends on a committed faculty, supportive administrative staff, a large pool of resources,  responsive students & cooperative parents. We are indeed very lucky to have all these elements.
During the whole COVID-19 situation, we faced a unique challenge & worked harder than usual in normal conditions. The teachers & the school management have strived hard so that every student keeps learning. 

Our children have done well in this pandemic, we thank parents for their valued contributions in e-learning. 

I wish such initiatives will help us in achieving our goals of preparing better citizens of tomorrow.

No education is complete unless it builds the character & behavior of a child, and we, as guardians, parents, and teachers are responsible to make sure of it.

Best Wishes 
Mrs. Hemali Singh, Principal