Chairman's Message

Respected Director

Whos Dream Nourished Thousands of Life

Mr. Surendra Pratap Singh

Co Founder & Chairman, Holy Hearts Educational Academy, Raipur

Chairman's Message

I take pride in presenting the new Website of Holy Hearts School, Kabir Nagar.

Holy Hearts School Group is marching ahead with confidence for imparting qualitative education to its students for over 32 years now. The School with its good results throughout reiterates that Inputs from our Teachers and its correct assimilation by students is giving Holy Heartians a distinct place in the Capital City.

The School is dedicated to the Nation and we are doing our bit to create responsible citizens; as it is believed that “Education creates Good students - Good students become better Citizens - better Citizens serve nation the best”.

As we move to the New Academic Year, we are working on providing our Teachers best trainings so that they are updated with latest in education Sector. Also, We are tying up with Technology companies to update our IT & Knowledge Infrastructure.

The School Campus has a very good Computer Lab, Class Rooms with Smart Classes in association with Extramarks & Maths Lab by NIIT Maths Labs.

I am sure that students of this branch through thier Teachers will synergize with  thier counter parts of "The Great India School” & "Holy Hearts Educational Academy". 

I request all parents and patrons to keep giving us the feedback to make the Institution better & better.

I wish all the best for your child’s education in Holy Hearts and assure you of our sincerity, we shall be glad if you get in touch with us, anytime you require, for the child’s progress and upkeep.

Best Wishes 
SP Singh, Founder & Chairman